One Stop Energy Management
We take a holistic approach to building energy conservation
Our Services
A Talented Team of Experts
Our Services
We have assembled a team of experts to fully analyse all of your energy consumption to create a HOLISTIC approach to energy conservation.  We create a GREEN ACTION PLAN to determine the sequence of your investments based on RETURN ON INVESTMENT.  Our Team is capable of auditing, designing, and constructing any project from start to finish.

Building Auditing

We analyze buildings holisically including: Lighting, HVAC, DHW, Envelope, Building Controls, Water conservation, fans and motors, ect. We offer all levels of building auditing from ASHARE1-3, Local Law 87 & 84, DOE Portfolio Manager, Treat Modeling.


We offer competitive pricing on ANY make or model lighting, from LED to Fluorescent.
We can conduct a full building lighting audit or work off your take off, Scope of work, or drawings.
We are a manufacturers rep. and distributor of the largest brands in the industry.

Tax Services

We offer Federal Tax Deductions associated with energy efficiency upgrades: EPACT 179D, Abandonment, and Cost Segregation..
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Water Conservation & Services

Water and Sewer costs are increasing at a higher rate than gas and electric.  Rates will continue to increase due to droughts and antiquated infrastructure.  We facilitate all aspects of water conservation and water meter and back flow testing and installation

Utility Rebates & Demand Response

One Stop is fully approves in all the Con Ed Energy Efficiency Rebate Programs: Small Business Direct Install, Multifamily Program, Commercial and Industrial, Demand Response, and NYSERDA.  Rebates are available for Lighting, Boilers, Insulation, and Fan Motors.

HVAC & Envelope

Most heating and hot water systems are operating at 55%-75% efficiency and can be replaced with 98% efficient systems.

STOP LEAKS around doors, windows, AC units, plumbing penetrations and chases, and elevator shafts.  Increase tenant comfort while lowering monthly costs.

Utility Bill Auditing

We look at your past several years of utility bills for billing errors.  This is a risk free assesment.  We only get paid when we save you money.

Portfolio Manager

ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager®, can be used to measure and track energy and water consumption, as well as greenhouse gas emissions. Use it to benchmark the performance of one building or a whole portfolio of buildings.